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Education Sovereignty is the control over the learning and education of one’s children is a basic human power that all sovereigns exercise within their communities to perpetuate the uniqueness of their culture, identity and language.  Tribes as sovereign governments must be able to assert this same power and design their own learning environments for their children. Unfortunately, existing federal law dramatically limits Tribe's ability to do this.

Our Public Policy No. 16.01 on Education Sovereignty explains further how Tribes can reassert their education sovereignty.  Here is a link to it....

It's time to take our education sovereignty back and design education programs and learning environments which reflect both what Native youth learn and how they learn. 

Pathkeepers Free Learning Method provides a significant and innovative solution to support Tribal education sovereignty.  The Method is based on the idea that Native youth must be allowed to self-direct their own learning.  Here is our brochure with more detailed information.

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