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What People Are Saying About


Native Youth Leadership Camp 2014


Campers Are Saying:


“It was so fun, I would want to dream about it everyday!  Thank you.”


“It was the most amazing week ever and I can’t wait for next year!”


“It got me back into my culture in a greatly positive way.”


“Everyone had a chance to step or open up and try to help everybody.”


“It got me more in touch, and I love hearing the flute and drum.” 


Parents Are Saying:


“Her experience at camp was life changing!  She is already planning to return next year.  I love that the kids at this camp had such an awesome week that they were crying because they had to leave each other.”


“My child arrived home with a sense of peace.  She was very calm and talked about the elders, the food and her connection to the earth.  She was happy with a lot of enthusiasm to return next year.”


The Pathkeepers Camp has provided these kids with a positive influence in coming together and gaining knowledge of all the good that comes from Native culture. It's definitely an enlightening learning experience that fosters positive influence and feelings toward Native culture as a whole. Having different meats and introducing them to different Native foods is a bonus. I hope all the kids that attend would see that eating healthy foods will help provide them with a healthy body, mind and spirit.


“He came home empowered and encouraged.  He is so much more optimistic as compared to before camp.” 


“My child does want to eat more healthy and eat more Native foods.”


Camp Staff Are Saying:


“From the serene location to the sense of spirit that evolved from only one week of learning, listening, sharing, and showing respect and honor for others and our Indigenous heritage, it was an honor to work with such a wonderful and dedicated staff, each bearing gifts of knowledge and wisdom.  I am looking forward to next year's Pathkeepers Camp!”


“The best part of camp was the interaction with the beautiful horses. It was wonderful to see the students communicating with ‘their’ horse.  For some, it came natural, while others seemed a little nervous, but once they got on the horse, their eyes lit up and their demeanor changed. The horses seemed to sense their rider and were very accommodating and even brought some kids out of their shell.  I felt blessed to share with our children the horse medicine which is important to our Native culture.”


“I especially liked how the activities overlapped, morning exercise, forest walk, breakfast, traditional techniques/writing/flute/ traditional dance, lunch, horses, same activities as morning with an afternoon shift in groups, then lacrosse, advanced flute, traditional foods workshops with evening meal. The college day with reps from various universities in Virginia and D.C. gave extremely interesting presentations that hooked the attention of ALL the kids including myself.”



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