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What People Are Saying About


Native Youth Leadership Camp 2013


Campers Say:


“I like that we always had some sort of activity going on and something to do. I also liked that we all really got in touch with our native heritage and hopefully learned something from it.”


“The thing I like best about the camp was getting to talk to the adults that came out to the camp to teach us things.”


“Playing the flute was peaceful … I just breathe, and whatever comes from your heart and what you are feeling, that’s what comes out of the flute.”


“I realized how much of a great opportunity camp was and that we did have fun the whole week.”


“Camp is gonna be great. I know we all had so much fun! Many of us kept in contact, and we’re all just waiting to meet up again!”


Staff, Counselors and Volunteers Say:


“The Pathkeepers Native Youth Culture Camp was a unique opportunity for young people to be immersed in their culture in a natural setting. Native youth had the opportunity to connect to their culture and other Native youth at the Pathkeepers gathering. Experiences reached all of the senses and included art, music and the amazing, healthy, traditional foods from all across North America. Many of the children are already asking how they can attend next year's gathering!”


“The camp is a wonderful idea. It is giving Native kids a chance to do things and learn things about themselves, their tribes and the ways of others that normally they would not get a chance to. They came into the camp as strangers, most of them -- a lot left as best friends.”


“It was really good to have them helping out with meal times, water, etc. This gave them team building skills.”


“Because of the directors, staff, and campers, there was a warmth that developed amongst everyone and despite being exhausted, I was sorry to see it end. I hope the entire staff is invited back next year as there was a unique chemistry that allowed learning, self-discovery, and fun for the campers. I also thought this was an exceptional camp. If it continues to improve, this will become one of the best Native camps in the country, and likely the best on the east coast.”

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